Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) has existed and has been experimented with for decades. Significant breakthroughs in modern technology have enabled those exploring EVP to cross a threshold where communication can possibly be established with loved ones living in the non-physical realm.

Many people call those in the non-physical ghosts or spirits. We like to think of them as Conscious Energy Beings – or CEBs. It appears we are standing at the edge of an authentic frontier for humankind. Communication with CEBs not only creates opportunities for personal connections, in our opinion, it finally verifies the existence of living, conscious beings beyond the physical body.

The existance of and communiation with CEBs is hard to believe for many and impossible to accept for some, but we believe it is true. We use the term ‘Otherside’ to describe the location of our loved ones in spirit, but we think they are actually right here among us.
Click on video to hear one CEB telling his wife, "I'm here.  Just invisible."
Click on video to hear more CEB communications.
Margaret Downey and Lisa Winther-Huston have developed a methodology to provide individuals with the extraordinary opportunity to experience communication with loved ones who are currently Conscious Energy Beings. *
This communication will be documented on video and an edited DVD provided to you so the experience can be shared with family, friends, or even those who don't believe it is possible.
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